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Lawn Care

Lawn Care Services

Since 2009 Deep Roots Lawn Care & Landscaping have been providing the Chatham, IL area with outstanding lawn maintenance services. We strive to improve the image of your home or business, giving you that curb appeal you have been dreaming about. Our team is staffed with experts who are routinely trained in the best techniques to ensure your home or business is always looking its best. We can take care of any of your lawn care needs from mowing, bed maintenance, pruning trees & shrubs, and yard clean-up. Deep Roots can have your yard looking flawless in no time!

Lawn Care

Are you having trouble with overgrown grass and weeds taking over your lawn? At Deep Roots Lawn Care & Landscaping, we offer exceptional lawn mowing services for the Chatham, Illinois area. Our team understands the importance of routine lawn maintenance so that is why we offer a recurring service or a one-time service when you can’t find the time to mow yourself. Let our team of experts take the responsibility of mowing and maintaining your lawn so that you never have to worry about how your property looks again. We strive to provide outstanding service ensuring customer satisfaction every time! Schedule your Lawn Care Service today!

Fertilization & Weed Control

Is your lawn healthy? Left untreated, your lawn could become overrun with weeds and pests. As the seasons change, it’s important to aerate and seed your lawn to keep it fresh and green. Call Deep Roots today at (217) 697-6082 to inquire about our Fertilization and Weed Control services, which include: fertilization, weed control, grub control, insecticide, slit-seeding, aeration, and mole/gopher treatment.

Diagram before and after aeration treatment - grass growth - Chatham, IL
Deep Roots Lawn Care and Landscaping employee trimming hedges - Chatham, IL

Pruning Trees & Shrubs

For your ornamental trees and shrubs to stay in great shape and health, you will require a pruning service to ensure they always look their best. At Deep Roots Lawn Care and Landscaping in Chatham, Illinois, we will work with you in creating a year-round pruning plan that works with you and your plants. Trees and shrubs can lose their shape and can appear messy as they continue to grow; that is why we offer trimming, shearing, corrective pruning, and more to ensure your trees, shrubs, and hedges are given the care they deserve. Our staff is trained in the best techniques to ensure your lawn will always look its best.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Throughout the year our lawns collect a variety of debris from leaves and acorns to twigs and branches. With the changing of seasons and harsh weather, you can expect your lawn to be covered in unwanted debris throughout the year. That is why our hard-working team at Deep Roots Lawn Care and Landscaping provides the Chatham, Illinois area with spring and fall clean-up services. We can come and freshen up your lawn and remove any of that unwanted debris that is ruining your home’s curb appeal. Let us take over the stress of yard clean-up by calling us today to schedule your spring or fall clean-up service!

Deep Roots Lawn Care and Landscaping - company truck pulling rubbish container for fall lawn clean up services - Chatham, IL
mulching and rock landscaping services near chatham illinois

Bed Maintenance

Deep Roots Lawn Care & Landscaping in Chatham, IL specializes in providing bed maintenance services for your flower and plant beds to ensure your greenery is always looking its best! When you choose our bed maintenance service you can expect your flowers, shrubs, and other plants to be cared for. Our reliable team will control weeds, maintain plant health, and keep your mulch looking great! Adding greenery to your property provides a nice touch to your home; however, without maintenance, your beds can overgrow and lose their appealing image. Our outstanding team can have your plant beds looking flawless in no time!