About Us

         Deep Roots Lawn Care & Landscaping became a business in 2009 with the simple plan to improve properties for our customers with our unsurpassed service. Today, this simple plan includes landscaping and lawn service for customers in Chatham, Springfield and the surrounding areas. Our focus is on designing, installing and maintaining beautiful outdoor environments. Our job is done when our customers step outside to enjoy their outdoor living space. To this goal, we offer a wide variety of landscaping and hardscaping services for both residential and commercial properties.  We blend hardscape elements and quality plant materials with our prompt and dependable delivery of services to ensure an outdoor living environment to be enjoyed by family and friends. Deep Roots is able to provide quality service because of its experienced, professional, and well-trained staff. We follow industry best practices, keeping our staff up to date with the latest researched based practices, products, and licensing. We look forward to serving you.
         If you have any questions about landscaping and lawn maintenance call Michael Pierce (217.502.8090). We will be happy to answer any of your questions, and we look forward to working with you.